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Sought after visionary, performing artist, playwright, mentor/speaker, Jeneen Hammond has for over 30 years directed, written, performed and produced works for the community and corporate events, schools, churches, and theaters.  Thousands have experienced her work, which brilliantly captivates and connects audiences regardless of age, faith, ethnicity, background or social status. Her contagious personality coupled with a strong depth of insight and a genuine ability to embrace people right where they are makes this creative leader an emerging voice for today.


An Entrepreneur by nature, Jeneen launches independent and collaborative projects, each with an aim to bridge the gap across communities using the Arts.

"Some Performers Entertain, but I want to Inspire..." 


Jeneen Hammond Original Piece as, "The Bag Lady"

For An Audience of One

I think we learn early in life how to get the most attention, whether it’s performing the classic tantrum or earning the role as the class clown.  When we truly admit it, attention from people makes us feel good.  Honestly, who doesn’t want to be admired and accepted for who they are or what they do? 

As an actress, you meet all kinds of performers who share the common pursuits of achieving "great" fame, which is usually masked by the wounds of low-self esteem and a desperate need for acceptance.  I lived in that place for years, but this only left me empty and wanting more than the temporary clatter of applause and 
although this seemed to echo the sentiments of legendary actress - Sally Field, “you like me….you really like me,” I learned that it was really a superficial substitution for genuine affirmation. Of course, we all need... "good job" and a pat on the back at some point or another, but once the accolades stop and the stage goes dark (for some of us that is), then what?
I believe that God made each of us to be celebrated, and His plan hasn't changed even though, we live in this broken world. God wants everyone to know and experience His unconditional love and acceptance...His affirmation!  I realized that my need for affirmation was "soul deep" and that this could only be provided by my heavenly Father. Believe me, there's nothing more fulfilling!  Can I tell you, there's nothing like knowing you're loved and then, embracing that love from the Creator of the universe!  Then, you're no longer moved by.....

"Why didn't they applaud louder...or longer?"

"Will they like my post?"

"What are they saying about me?"

How sweet it is to LIVE 
FREE, when you're living life for "an audience of One!"

May you too come to experience God's affirmation on your life and in all you do for His glory

Live wise, Live well, Live Humbly - James 3: 13-14

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