"I tell stories that inspire, heal and transform"

Actress | Singer | Producer | Coach

Bringing people together around stories that inspire, heal and transform.

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Alumni of New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA), Jeneen has always had a natural talent for singing and acting, even at a very young age. Her unparalleled creativity and love for music has led to a passion for serving others.

For over 30 years, Jeneen has worked with notable artists, ministries and globally recognized organizations. As a visionary, Jeneen is sought leader, well-respected mentor and communicator.



Creative Events & Productions

Writing, collaborating and producing high-quality, engaging events and theatrical productions that revive the beauty of family, historical culture and faith.

Jeneen has worked with world-renowned artists and global organizations to take their events and productions to a whole new level.


Creative Educator

Jeneen founded Clay Creative Academy, a 501c3 non-profit mobile academy of the Arts to educate, inspire and champion young people to pursue their calling in a creative venture or career.

Jeneen also leads Clay University, a vocational school equipping a generation of individuals to become the visionaries and builders of their Kingdom legacy through Creativity, Entrepreneurism and Leadership.


Playwright | Director

For over 30 years, Jeneen has written and produced plays, songs, artistic works, and curriculum for all ages. Some include: "The Promise, God's Symphony Music CD, AD33, Imagine Christmas, Holly Musical, A Classic Christmas, The Gift, Shine The Musical, For God So Loved, Rocks That Cry, Get in the Habit Musical, Journey, The People vs. God, The Bag Lady.."


Actress | Singer | Host

Featured in film shorts, industrials, commercials, TV shows and musicals, such as the “Working, Children of Eden, Little Shop of Horrors, Big River, 1940's Radio Hour, Halie, the portrayal of Gospel Legend Mahalia Jackson, Jeneen has graced regional and internationally recognized stages.


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A cut above what we have experienced in the industry!


Jeneen Hammond is not just beautiful and talented, but her heart is afire with a passion that is unique and inspiring!


Her Genuine humility, coupled with such talent and gifts are so refresing







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